the Time Awaits series


3012: The Artifact 

After spending a lifetime traveling through time to visit any place or time period that strikes his fancy, Jack finds himself trapped one thousand years in the future, a future radically different from what he is used to.  He quickly befriends Paul, an archeologist, who unwittingly helps him recover his lost time machine.

 The two of them, along with Janet, a government worker, and Suzie, a hologram with an infectious personality, set off on a quest to find a lost treasure.  Their journey takes them throughout earth’s history, from the far future to the distant past where they discover much of what they thought they knew about history and science was simply not true.

Along the way, they encounter secret societies, dinosaurs, pirates, and political refugees.  All four learn much about themselves while they experience for the first time the closeness of friends and family.







3012: The Uprising

Jack and Susan are enjoying a much needed vacation, while their friends Paul and Janet are on their honeymoon in The Bahamas in the year 2002.  Utilizing his time machine, Jack and Susan make a quick trip back home to the year 3012 to discover something strange has happened.  The time line has been altered!  When they get back to 2002, they are confronted by a pair of strange visits from people they never expected to meet.


Discovering the possible source of the events that altered the time line, they pitch in to help these new visitors.  Once that problem has been handled to the best of their ability, they return home to 3012.  However, once there, they come under attack by two opposing government forces.  Ultimately siding with one of them, they find themselves in a battle for their lives.


Along the way, they meet new friends and become reacquainted with old friends.  They travel to places and times they had only ever dreamed about encountering dinosaurs and even a fire breathing dragon!





a prequel to the Time Awaits series


A young Jack Murphy takes a walk on a deserted beach in The Bahamas and finds an abandoned boat.  Upon further investigation, he comes to the realization that the boat is not just a boat; it's actually something so exciting that he couldn't possibly keep it all to himself! Together with his friends Scott and Clay,  he sets off on a journey that will test each of them in ways they never imagined.  They set their sights on Savannah, Georgia and the year 1886.  Upon arrival, the adventure takes on a very real and dangerous path.

Will they all make it back?

Will their friendship survive?

Will they do something that will alter the future?

There's only one way to find out...

an old fashioned Space Opera

  Childhood friends James Ferguson and Bill Johnson purchase a decrepit old spaceship from a salvage yard and set off to make their fortune where all the good money is...The Belt!  The old ship is slow but powerful and once it gets to the asteroid belt, the pair stake their claim and become Rockhounds!

In The Belt, the law is nearly nonexistent.  They encounter pirates, damsels in distress, asteroid miners and the biggest find of them all...a find that will change everything!