About the Author

I was born in the mid west and grew up on the east coast, near our nations capital.  Upon graduating from high school, I spent a few years in the 80's in northern Minnesota, where it is cold most of the year, then winter sets in and reminds you that it actually can be much colder!

To balance things out, I spent a few years in Florida and The Bahamas, where the weather is just right most of the time.  For reasons that continue to perplex me, I then spent nine years in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  (Yes, it is a completely separate state from Virginia.)  I am happy to report that better sense overtook me and I am once again living in Florida, on what is known as the First Coast.

In addition to becoming an ordained minister in 2009, I have been employed in a number of occupations in my life, some of them interesting, some of them absolutely horrible.  My resume is as bizarre as you can imagine.  I have worked as a Short Order Cook, White Water Raft Guide, Printing Press Operator, Water Treatment Plant Operator, Dispatcher, Bank teller, Insurance Clerk and Weapons Technician, among others.  Writing is still a part time venture for me, but I strive to make it my sole occupation.

Although my wife and I have no children, we share our home with an enormous adolescent feline named McGee who is capable of much mischief all by himself. Watching over him is Abby, our six year old, much smaller, although no less stubborn cat.