Why did I write a book?

Posted by John M. Grier on June 15, 2010 at 11:07 AM

As a life long avid reader, as well as a Christian, I have become more and more disenchanted by the novels that are being written today.  Many of the popular mainstream authors are using their God-given ability to tell a story via the written word to push their own world views on people. 

Many people are unaware that this is even going on.  The evidence is everywhere though!  For example, the theory of evolution is pushed so hard these days that many people, even many Christians have accepted it as fact.  This is an outrage! 

The simple fact is that evolution is a theory and will only ever be a theory.  When examined closely, and scientifically and completely without predijuces of any kind, evolution fails every single time.  What has not proven false, however, is young earth creationism.

So, when I finally got sick and tired of reading other authors preach their Humanistic theories that there is no God and that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ was merely a man, I prayed about it and the result of that prayer is 3012: The Artifact.

I give all the credit for the writing of this book to God.  Without him I could not have done it.  Before I would write, I would pray about it and the words just seemed to flow.  Sometimes I would not even know what the next word would be, but out they came!  Praise the Lord!  A mere two months later, I had a finished manuscript in my hands.

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